3D Design, engineering and animations: Johan Bøgeberg

I’m heading into the world of VJ’ing; designing and performing visuals for scene and clubs, all live-synced with the atmosphere and the music bpm.

3D & Composition: Johan Bøgeberg

This image started with some doodling in 3Ds max. As the project started to advance, I decided to go for a photo-realistic look.
I like to think of insects as natures robots, and plants as natures machines. Monarch is the name of the butterfly used for reference, Apparatus is Latin for machine.

3D: Johan Bogeberg, Morten Nilsen DIRECTOR: Joon Brandt PRODUCER: Film Faktisk DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Jens Ramborg
B PHOTOGRAPHY: Charlie Curran LIGHT: Jarl Johnsen LIGHT ASSISTANT: Jørgen Werner RECORDING HEAD: Bjørn Glesnes GRIP: Espen Zubi DITT: Joakim Bråten CHOREOGRAPHER: Marianne Haugli MAKEUP: Agnes Gulbrandsen MAKEUP ASSISTANT:Caroline Denise Svendsen STYLING: Anja Stang POST PRODUCTION: Storyline v/ Aksel Jermstad GRADING:Storyline v/ Aksel Jermstad

Fashion in motion, used for Oslo Fashionweek 2011. Click image for movie, and behind the scenes material.

DIRECTOR: Joon Brandt VFX SUPERVISOR: Mads Hornsletten 3D: Johan Bøgeberg, Morten Nilsen COMPOSITING: Mads Hornsletten DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Jens Ramborg ONLINE : Haavard Albertsen @ Hocus Focus SOUND DESIGN: Megafon PRODUCER: Guy Haddeland @ Sherriftv AGENCY: Creative Director – Stig Bjølbakk @ SMFB CLIENT: Freia

This advert was shot in the forest with a big bluescreen behind the log, dotted with trackingpoints. We used the points to track the camera in 3D space, which was very hard due to all the motionblur, and lack of parallaxe’s. We ended up manually picking out trackingpoints from small speculars and shadows in the grass to end up with a good result. The bag, butterfly, branch and chocolate are CG.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Joon Brandt DESIGN: Christopher Sæther-Larsen RETOUCH: Joon Brandt 3D: Johan Bøgeberg

This is a magazine advert for Dovre. The porridge bowl, and the spoon was done in 3D.

3D & Comp: Johan Bøgeberg

Very simple, but with as many details as possible, I tried to make a photorealistic pen. mostly for lighting and shader/texture research.

3D & Comp: Johan Bøgeberg

What’s inside the egg? Just a mesh really. This is a pretty false representation of how an egg scatter and absorbes light, but that’s what makes 3D so great. You are God in the viewport.

3D & Comp: Johan Bøgeberg

Another lighting and shader/texture research to improve skills.

3D & Comp: Johan Bøgeberg

This was my first thesis back in school at Noroff, when I first learned 3D. Great to look back and see how much I have grown in skills since then.